The purpose of AELT is to bring together text- and language-based researchers in Egyptology in the UK and to provide a forum for sharing and discussing ideas, problems, and issues.

The intention is to highlight work in progress: we do not aim to publish papers from the workshop, but to provide an opportunity for colleagues to present their research as it develops, with publication taking place elsewhere.

Some speakers have offered work in its early stages and discussed problems and approaches, while others have presented work well on the way to publication that might benefit from peer feedback. Some also have used the opportunity to reach out beyond the constraints of our immediate discipline to methodologies and analytic techniques that offer promise for dealing with ancient Egyptian material.

The most recent meeting of AELT – AELT7 – was held at the University of Glasgow on Friday 30th October 2015.

AELT 8 will be held at University College, Oxford, on Saturday 26 November 2016. It will be hosted by Luigi Prada and Jenny Cromwell.