AELT 7: Programme

Programme for AELT 7: University of Glasgow, 2015

9.00-9.20 Registration and 9.20-9.30 Welcome      

I. Writing Texts

9.30 Ilona Regulski: ‘The early development of the Egyptian sign corpus’

10.00 Luigi Prada: ‘The last inscribed Egyptian obelisk: linguistic and palaeographical observations on the Barberini Obelisk’

10.30 Christelle Alvarez: ‘Tradition, mistakes and innovation: an investigation in the Pyramid Texts of King Ibi’

11.00- 11.30 Break

II. Interpreting Texts                              

11.30 Bill Manley: ‘Sarcasm as witness to Frange’s literacy (O. Med Hab Copt 2482)’

12.00 John Tait: ‘Evidence and probability in Egyptian texts’

12.30 Mark Collier: ‘The reach of negation in Late Egyptian: the case of bare indefinites and negative reinforcement’

13.00 Lunch


III. Forming Texts

14.00 José-R. Pérez-Accino: ‘From stone to speech. Narrative uses of stelae in literary texts’

14.30 Huw Twiston-Davis: ‘Rubrics in the Instruction of Ani’

15.00 Jenny Cromwell: ‘Why bother with syllables? Coptic school texts and beyond’

15.30-16.00 Break


IV. Reflecting Texts

16.00 Mark-Jan Nederhof: ‘OCR of hand-written transcriptions of hieroglyphic text’

16.30 Angela McDonald: ‘The challenges of translating linguistic microcosms’

17.00 Closing remarks