10:00 Welcome: COFFEE

10:30 John Tait: The Applications of Translations

11:00 Fredrik Hagen: Editing Principles and Practices in Egyptology: Ptahhotep and the New Philology

11:30 COFFEE

12:00 Roland Enmarch: Redactional Criticism, Textual Unity, and Intertextuality: the Case of

Ipuwer and Other Poems

12:30 Richard Parkinson: The Ramesseum Papyri Project and ‘Material Philology’

1:00 LUNCH

2:00 John Baines: ‘Historical Writing’: Definition and Development

2:30 Elizabeth Frood: The Ritual Language of Self-presentation in the Late New Kingdom

3:00 Rachel Mairs: Bilingual Accounting in an Unpublished Text from Aswan

3:30 TEA

4:00 Cary Martin: Irrealis Conditionals in Demotic

4:30 Mark Collier: Epistemic Meaning and inn Conditionals in Late Egyptian

5:00– General Discussion and Refreshments