22 November 2014

9.00 Registration       

9.20 Welcome

Scribes and Writing                

9.30 Jennifer Cromwell: Sydney, Manchester

“Before everything else…”: Coptic school texts from Thebes in the collection of Columbia University

10.00 Luigi Prada: Oxford and Heidelberg

A newly discovered fragment of P. Schulübung: foundations of a project for the study of demotic school texts and schooling in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt

10.30 Kathryn Piquette: Cologne, London

New advances in the recovery of writing from papyri: implications for Egyptian Papyrology

11.00 Break


11.30 John Baines: Oxford

Purity of deed and mind within an Old Kingdom tomb?

12.00 Ilona Regulski: London

Middle Kingdom ritual reflected in writing: a case study from Asyut

12.30 Amr Gaber: Swansea

Texts accompanying the Ten Dead Deities of the temple of Hathor at Dendera

13.00 Lunch

Administration and Society      

14.00 Martina Minas-Nerpel: Swansea

A demotic grain account in the Swansea Wellcome Collection

14.30 Hana Navratilova: New York, London

The curious incident of the women and related graffiti stories

15.00 Break

Language: linguistics and use   

15.30 Hany Rashwan: London

Thinking in equivocal circles: Arabic Jinas (paronomasia?) as an Ancient Egyptian literary device

16.00 Mark Collier: Liverpool

Alternatives and n-is negation in Earlier Egyptian

16.30 Hratch Papazian: Cambridge

Notes on Old Kingdom epistolary forms and practices

17.00 Closing discussion          

[For Abstracts, see here]